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Class Kills offers a wide array of top-notch equipment rentals for all your event needs, specializing in sound and DJ gear, including the latest Pioneer DJ CDJs and mixers. Our inventory doesn’t stop there – we also provide LED video walls, staging, and a variety of lighting options to elevate any gathering. Whether you’re hosting a small party or a large-scale event, our equipment selection is designed to meet your specific requirements. Choose Class Kills for reliable, high-quality equipment rentals that will make your event unforgettable. Contact us today to explore our rental options and transform your next event.


Our Equipment

At Class Kills, we’re your go-to source for an extensive range of event equipment rentals, including state-of-the-art sound systems, the latest Pioneer DJ CDJs and mixers, dynamic LED video walls, versatile staging, and an array of lighting to suit any occasion. Our commitment is to provide you with high-quality, reliable equipment that ensures your event is a hit. Contact us to discover the perfect rental solutions for your next event and make it a memorable experience.

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Turntable & CDJ Rental

Rent top of the line Pioneer DJ CDJ’s, expertly maintained, cleaned and serviced in house in between every rental. As an Authorized Pioneer DJ Dealer, have confidence knowing our gear works.

  • CDJ-3000
  • CDJ-2000NXS2
  • Technics 1200’s
  • Technics 1210 M5G

Mixer & Controller Rental

Rent & Buy the latest and greatest Pioneer DJ Mixers & Controllers
Full Inventory

  • DJM-900NXS2
  • DJM-900NXS
  • DJM-V10
  • DJM-A9
  • DJM-S9
  • OPUS Quad
  • XDJ-XZ
  • FLX-10

Sound Rental

We have sound systems for any event. Whether you need speakers for a 50 person house party, or 1,000+ outdoor festival, we have active an passive solutions.
Available Now:

  • JBL VRX 932
  • JBL VRX 918
  • Full line of Pioneer DJ XPRS2
  • QSC KW181
  • QSC KW152
  • RCF-ART 910A  (10″ Active)
  • Allen & Heath SQ & QU Series

LED Video Wall Rental

We have indoor and outdoor video walls ranging from 2.9mm to 5.9mm, build complex and video walls. We can build custom systems and configurations for any event.

  • 2.9mm Panals
  • 3.9mm Panels
  • NovaStar VS6
  • NovaStar VS4
  • DataPath FX4
  • SDI Distribution Systems
  • BlackMagic Cameras


Lighting Design Rental

We have a large quantity of intelligent lighting fixtures and packages available for rental.

  • Elation 5R Beam
  • Chauvet 140 SR Hybrid
  • Chauvet R2 Rogue Spot
  • Chauvet 450IRC Moving Wash
  • ADJ JOLT Strobe
  • Elation Proton 3k Strobe
  • Elation Design Wash
  • RGBW Pin Spots
  • Wireless Uplights
  • Disco Balls

Truss & Stage Rental

We have stage configurations for indoor and outdoor events of any size.

  • 4′ F34 Conical 12″ Box Truss
  • 6′ F34 Conical 12″ Box Truss
  • 8′ F34 Conical 12″ Box Truss
  • 10′ F34 Conical 12″ Box Truss
  • F34 Conical Box Truss Base
  • Stairs
  • Railings
  • Stage Platforms
  • DJ Tables


Special Effects Rental

Special Effects SFX Rentals of Cryo Co2, Cold Sparks, Fog, Haze, Cloud Generators and More

  • Club Cannon Co2 Pro Jets
  • Club Cannon Co2 Gun
  • Club Cannon Co2 Feeder Hose
  • Co2 Syphon Tanks
  • Cold Sparks
  • Cameo Fog Generator
  • Water Based Haze Machine
  • Oil Based Haze Machine
  • Bubble Generator
  • Entour Ice Low Lying Fog



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